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[70b905] by martyn

Ensure that we look for the latest version of JAGS library on Windows

2011-10-06 12:45:06 Tree
[37a2f9] by martyn

Add warnings about unused initial values

2012-02-12 16:25:55 Tree
[858cf4] by martyn

Added parallel.seeds function

2011-09-03 15:03:40 Tree
[87be2a] by martyn

- Default behaviour of adapt is end.adaptation = FALSE
- Fixed documentation for adapt
- Removed unnecessary -rpath linker flag in configure.ac for jags_version

2011-07-24 22:05:24 Tree
[404779] by martyn

Modify adapt function to allow option of turning off adaptive mode.

2011-07-24 16:58:21 Tree
[8ece43] by martyn

Fix startup on Windows.

2011-07-19 15:58:08 Tree
[a24102] by martyn

Configure options updated for Fedora 15 + updates for new adaptation rules

2011-06-22 22:09:20 Tree
[7f5774] by martyn

Update for new adaptation rules
Reset file permissions

2011-06-11 21:59:23 Tree
[2b81c7] by martyn

Added mcarray.object as an alias in the help file for mcarray.object.

2011-05-30 22:04:06 Tree
[7d5450] by martyn

Deprecate read.data. Use read.bugsdata or read.jagsdata instead.

2011-05-10 14:49:28 Tree
[14d384] by martyn

Suppress information messages in jags.model when quiet=TRUE

2011-05-10 14:06:17 Tree
[67c8d0] by martyn

Changes in configure.ac propagated to configure script.

2011-05-09 19:02:29 Tree
[f33e46] by martyn

Stop overwriting missing values in supplied data
Correctly unwind all monitors when one fails.

2011-04-29 14:17:41 Tree
[91c563] by martyn

Documentation patch from Doug Bates

2011-04-28 08:16:38 Tree
[b42451] by martyn

Add startup messages showing which version of JAGS we are linking to

2011-04-15 13:53:08 Tree
[e6b583] by martyn

Added --enable-rpath option as requested by Doug Bates.

2011-04-13 10:54:23 Tree
[4d52ea] by martyn


2011-04-11 07:15:44 Tree
[425b60] by martyn

Improve checking of initial values

2011-01-20 10:53:02 Tree
[b52118] by martyn

Update for 3.0.0

2011-04-10 15:31:02 Tree
[85da41] by martyn

Fix registry key on windows when looking for local install

2011-01-11 17:48:11 Tree
[4054d4] by convert-repo

update tags

2011-01-05 10:18:58 Tree
[173898] by martyn_plummer

Fix maintainer email address.

2010-12-08 14:00:57 Tree
[ddb4a4] by martyn_plummer

Version 2.2.0-2

2010-11-24 13:58:52 Tree
[de3843] by martyn_plummer

Should also work with 2.1.0

2010-11-24 13:57:27 Tree
[6e6728] by martyn_plummer

Bump to version 2.2.0

2010-11-06 16:19:56 Tree
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