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   statistics for use in model comparison.  The two penalized deviance
   statistics generated by \code{dic.samples} are the deviance
   information criterion (DIC) and the penalized expected deviance.
-  These are chosen by giving the values ``pD'' and ``popt'' repectively
+  These are chosen by giving the values ``pD'' and ``popt'' respectively
   as the \code{type} argument.
   DIC (Spiegelhalter et al 2002) is calculated by adding the ``effective
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
   Spiegelhalter, D., N. Best, B. Carlin, and A. van der Linde (2002),
   Bayesian measures of model complexity and fit (with discussion).
-  \emph{Journal of the Royal Statistical Societey Series B}
+  \emph{Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B}
   \bold{64}, 583-639.
   Plummer, M. (2002),

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