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+\title{Objects for representing MCMC output}
+  An \code{mcarray} object is used by the \code{jags.samples} function
+  to represent MCMC output from a JAGS model. It is an array with named
+  dimensions, for which the dimensions "iteration" and "chain" have a
+  special status
+\method{summary}{mcarray}(object, FUN, \ldots)
+\method{print}{mcarray}(x, \ldots)
+\method{as.mcmc.list}{mcarray}(x, \ldots)
+  \item{object,x}{an \code{mcarray} object}
+  \item{FUN}{a function to be used to generate summary statistics}
+  \item{\ldots}{additional arguments to the call}
+  The \code{summary} method for \code{mcarray} objects applies the
+  given function to the array, marginalizing the "chain" and "iteration"
+  dimensions.
+  The \code{print} method applies the summary function with
+  \code{FUN=mean}.
+  The \code{as.mcmc.list} method coerces an \code{mcarray} to an
+  \code{mcmc.list} object so that the diagnostics provided by the
+  \code{coda} package can be applied to the MCMC output it represents.
+  The \code{coda} package defines \code{mcmc} objects for representing
+  output from an MCMC sampler, and \code{mcmc.list} for representing
+  output from multiple parallel chains.  These objects emphasize the
+  time-series aspect of the MCMC output, but lose the original array
+  structure of the variables they represent.  The \code{mcarray} class
+  attempts to rectify this by preserving the dimensions of the original
+  node array defined in the JAGS model.
+\author{Martyn Plummer}

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