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 test2.cmd, ... etc. designed to run the examples as they were presented
 in the classic BUGS examples book.
-Volume 1 also contains R script files test1.R, test2.R to run the
+There are also R script files test1.R, test2.R ... to run the
 examples using the rjags interface from JAGS to R.
 Some of the examples have been modified. In such cases, there is a
 ReadMe file explaining the changes. Some examples cannot be run at all,
-and these are obviously not included in the testing process.
+and these are not included in the testing process.
+Make targets
+The test suite uses GNU make.  To run the tests, change directory into
+either "vol1" or "vol2" and invoke make with one of the following targets.
 make check  Will run all the examples and check the results against
             the benchmark run.  The check ensures that the posterior
             mean of the monitored nodes is not more than 0.15 standard
-            deviations away from the benchmark mean. This is a heuristic
-            test that could probably be improved.
+            deviations away from the benchmark mean. 
-make Rcheck (Volume 1 only) Runs examples using the rjags interface.
-make checktime Runs all the examples and records the times in the file
-            "times" (replacing any existing file). The "times"
-            file records the directory name, the name of the command
-            file and the number of seconds in user mode and kernel
-            mode in separate columns.
-            This requires the GNU version of time.
+make Rcheck Runs examples using the rjags interface.
 make clean  Cleans up any files that may have been created during
             make check, or during debugging
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 make bench  Creates new benchmark results
 make distclean Deletes the benchmark results
+In order to run make for a specific example, use the variable "EXAMPLES":
+make check EXAMPLES=line
+Debugging an example
+If "Make check" fails for example foo, then make will report an error in
+make taget "check_foo".  The log file "check.log" in subdirectory "foo"
+can be inspected to see what went wrong. This log file includes the
+output produced by JAGS when running the model and by R when checking
+the output. Similarly, "make Rcheck" exands to targets of the form
+"Rcheck_foo" and the log file is "Rcheck.log".
+Note that the tests in "make check" and "make Rcheck" are not deterministic and 
+will occasionally fail just by chance.  You may run "make check" again 
+when this happens to see if the error is consistently reproduced.
+Re-running the examples
+Once all the tests have been successfully completed in a sub-directory,
+an empty marker file will be created (check.OK or Rcheck.OK) and the 
+corresponding checks will be skipped.  To re-run the checks, first use
+"make clean" to remove the marker files.
+Parallel make
+The examples in separate directories can be run in parallel for increased
+efficiency.  Use the "-j" argument to run examples in parallel, e.g
+make -j4 check
+Will run 4 parallel make jobs.