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Adding new distributions?

  • Chris

    Chris - 2011-06-16


    I am hoping that you can provide some guidance on adding new distributions to
    JAGS. I have the CVS source, and looking at the code for existing
    distributions, I am somewhat optimistic that I can code up the distribution I
    would like to add. It's a vector-valued distribution, not that different from
    the existing "ddirch". However, assuming I implement the class and necessary
    methods, I am completely at a loss as how to incorporate it into the codebase.

    For example, do I need to recompile my distribution (and if so, how to make
    "make" aware of it), or is there some way to separately compile it as a module
    to be loaded in at run-time under existing distributions?

    A documented example of creating a new distribution, from the point of an end-
    user, would be a tremendous help (though this is perhaps more of a feature



  • Nicolas Fasel

    Nicolas Fasel - 2014-04-01


    In order to continue this post, I would also require a new distribution, the Conway Maxwell Poisson.
    I am aware of the documentation explaining how to do it but I also have to admit my lack of experience in C++... Is there another way?

    There is the compoisson package in CRAN but this does not support GLMM. I am hopping to adapt GLM poisson model to such new distribution.

    Thank you


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