JesseLasky - 2011-04-29

I am trying to install jags in my home directory. I need to specify a location
for the BLAS and LAPACK libraries, otherwise they are not found when
configuring. I first compiled using MKL, following instructions in the JAGS
installation manual. However, there appeared to be some problem with the
memory, and I received "terminate called after throwing an instance of
'St9bad_alloc'" messages when compiling models in JAGS. There should have been
enough memory available on the node, so I think it was a problem with the

Now I would like to try compiling with BLAS/LAPACK libraries recommended by
the administrators on the cluster (i.e. Texas Advanced Computing Center's
Longhorn cluster). They suggested gotoblas, which includes LAPACK.

The following path points to a module file named 1.30:


It contains the following:


This module file sets up the environment variables and path for the

gotoBLAS distribution.

proc ModulesHelp { } {

puts stderr "The gotoblas module defines the following environment variables:"

puts stderr "TACC_GOTOBLAS_DIR and TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB for the location "

puts stderr "of the gotoblas distribution and libraries.\n"

puts stderr "To use the gotoblas library, include compilation directives"

puts stderr "of the following form in your link command:"

puts stderr " "

puts stderr " Single Threaded: -L\$TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB -lgoto_lp64"

puts stderr " Multi Threaded: -L\$TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB -lgoto_lp64_mp"

puts stderr " Single Threaded 64bit int: -L\$TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB -lgoto_ilp64"

puts stderr " Multi Threaded 64bit int: -L\$TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB -lgoto_ilp64_mp"

puts stderr " "

puts stderr " F90 programs should include the -lsvml library option."

puts stderr " C programs should include the -lsvml -lifcore -limf -lm library

puts stderr " "

puts stderr "You can control the number of threads with the SMP (mp) version

puts stderr "the OMP_NUM_THREADS environment variable. TACC sets

puts stderr "to 1 in the default user environent."

puts stderr "\nVersion 1.30"


module-whatis "Name: Goto BLAS"

module-whatis "Version: 1.30"

module-whatis "Category: library, mathematics"

module-whatis "URL:"

module-whatis "Description: Optimized versions of the Basic Linear Algebra

Create environment variables.

setenv TACC_GOTOBLAS_DIR /opt/apps/intel11_1/gotoblas/1.30

setenv TACC_GOTOBLAS_LIB /opt/apps/intel11_1/gotoblas/1.30

I have tried following instructions in the installation manual to configure
with this library, but I have so far been unsuccessful. For example, I tried
the following:

export JAGS_HOME=$HOME/jags


./configure --bindir=$JAGS_HOME/bin --libdir=$JAGS_HOME/lib
--libexecdir=$JAGS_HOME/bin --includedir=$JAGS_HOME/include --with-
blas=/opt/apps/intel11_1/modulefiles/gotoblas/1.30 --with-

I am relatively inexperienced with such issues and I would appreciate any
help. Thanks,