mark pahuta - 2013-01-21

Hi everyone,

I'm experimenting with dmstate, but haven't been able to find many details on this module. I was hoping someone could answer 2 questions, or direct me to where I can find them?

1) Can dmstate handle data that are censored from certain observations? Concretely, if I only know an individual is alive, but don't know anything else about the state. If it can, how is this handled? -> can I just add observations at the time point for each state the individual is censored from?

2) Piecewise constant models. I am thinking of implementing this using the code below. Essentially, I would like to add an interval index to Q. The model would be refit using the start of each interval as the new "time 0." Would this be OK to do:

for (i in 1:Ninterval){
    for(j in 1:Npat[i]){
        for (k in 2:length(obstimes[i,j,])){
            S[i,j,k] ~ dmstate (S[i,j,1], obstimes[i,j,k], Q[,,i])

Thank you,