Erik Olofsen - 2013-05-17

Earlier I studied the source code for the dround distribution (see that topic).

Now I needed a distribution for VAS (visual analog scale) scores - these are between 0 and 10 (both inclusive) and usually rounded to integers.

Based on the files for dround I just wrote

static inline double value(vector<double const *> const &par)
    if (T(par)<0.0) return 0.0;
    else if (T(par)>10.0) return 10.0;
    return fround(T(par), NDIGITS(par));

and added the name "dvas", added the filenames to (in directories functions and distributions), ran automake, and put statements in so that the dvas function and distribution can be used - and it seems to work.

Would that be a correct approach?