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[0bd8b6] by martyn

Fix log density calculations for multivariate normal.
Give correct density expression in the JAGS User Manual.

2014-02-07 16:34:59 Tree
[d69a19] (release-3_4_0) by martyn

Updated version number to 3.4.0

2013-08-30 13:12:30 Tree
[d40170] by martyn

Document the new order function in the bugs module.

2013-08-20 12:38:38 Tree
[bee140] by martyn

Document function order in the bugs module.

2013-08-20 12:39:24 Tree
[61a0fd] by martyn

Corrected documentation for negative binomial distribution

2012-12-13 14:26:09 Tree
[9043de] by martyn

Manual updates for Mac OS X

2012-10-01 15:54:08 Tree
[798022] by martyn

Modify Windows binary build:
- Pick up redistributable dlls in make target "installer"
- Do not add uninstaller to start menu
- Updated build instructions.

2012-09-18 07:34:22 Tree
[d6b405] by martyn

Added instructions for clang to installation manual.

2012-09-17 21:35:11 Tree
[3254b0] by martyn

Updated installation manual for Windows.

2012-09-11 16:40:15 Tree
[8c4bd9] by martyn

Allow trivial calls to structure() in data format.

2012-09-07 16:18:39 Tree
[408825] by martyn

Correct last update to manual.

2012-07-23 15:43:04 Tree
[62aa3c] by martyn

Update user manual to explain different parameterization of dhyper in OpenBUGS.

2012-07-23 15:37:30 Tree
[74367e] by martyn

Fixes for Solaris.

2012-07-20 15:45:47 Tree
[15af65] by martyn

Point release of the user manual

2012-05-16 07:57:33 Tree
[dcb2e9] by martyn

Manual update: "samplers to" command ignores nodes updated by forward-sampling

2012-05-15 12:51:33 Tree
[e934d0] by martyn

Moved the ifelse function from base into bugs and documented it in the manual.

2012-04-18 16:47:50 Tree
[326776] by martyn

User manual updates. Fixing pdf of dnorm and dlnorm distributions.

2012-04-17 14:48:58 Tree
[516fd6] by martyn

Branch merge

2012-02-19 20:57:18 Tree
[0e0733] by martyn

Clarify use of missing values in manual.

2012-02-12 15:07:30 Tree
[910926] by martyn

Manual: clarify that link functions cannot be vectorized

2012-01-31 10:04:14 Tree
[2c0acf] by martyn

Fixes to table:bugs:scalar2 in manual, which used inconsistent notation.

2012-01-12 11:25:45 Tree
[5d6398] by martyn

Update manual with details of the dround distribution.

2011-12-21 08:52:24 Tree
[043234] by martyn

Latex errors prevented user manual from compiling

2011-11-16 16:04:29 Tree
[57223f] by martyn

Merging home and work branches

2011-11-12 14:07:40 Tree
[2b39e2] by martyn

Document new dround distribution

2011-11-12 14:04:03 Tree
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