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Commit Date  
[eca2a4] by martyn

Fix segfault in adaptation in command line interface.

2014-06-24 16:08:34 Tree
[e7128f] by martyn

Fix broken Outcome.h in glm module

2014-06-10 07:26:34 Tree
[476f1d] by martyn

Added missing test suite header files for glm

2014-06-10 07:05:04 Tree
[0f0604] by martyn

Branch merge

2014-06-10 05:57:50 Tree
[14b861] by martyn

Added logAccept method to AuxMix for Metropolis-Hastings acceptance step.

2014-06-10 05:56:38 Tree
[17a7bf] by martyn

Branch merge

2014-05-13 18:17:26 Tree
[c8ff1b] by martyn

Add tests for positive definiteness in DMNorm and DWish

2014-05-12 05:37:52 Tree
[af39e1] by martyn

Added new exception class ParentError.

2014-06-09 17:15:52 Tree
[2cef1a] by martyn

More informative error messages when deviance is not defined.

2014-06-03 14:48:08 Tree
[476808] by martyn

Add disclaimer about aliases not changing paramterization in user manual.

2014-05-21 08:06:36 Tree
[0e9741] by martyn

Backtrack on including data in constructor for observed StochasticNodes.
Use separate setData method instead.

2014-05-12 14:48:53 Tree
[ff9276] by martyn

Fixes for clang

2014-05-11 08:16:43 Tree
[68f265] by martyn

Fix bug sampling chi squared distribution in ConjugateGamma

2014-05-11 08:09:27 Tree
[995ba9] by martyn

Use modified member functions consistently (bug caused by last commit)

2014-05-11 08:08:31 Tree
[17b3a2] by martyn

Allow form feed as whitespace character in scanner
Fix problem with comments in scanner caused by previous commit

2014-05-11 08:06:35 Tree
[8f6cba] by martyn

Fix minor typo in scanner when parsing block comments.

2014-05-08 16:43:20 Tree
[c5c134] by martyn

Correct typos and other minor problems

2014-04-25 07:27:24 Tree
[4fd80c] by martyn

Add glm test to test suite

2014-04-25 07:27:08 Tree
[94fd32] by martyn

Added test suite for LGMix class.

2014-04-25 07:25:44 Tree
[f7516d] by martyn

Modify sampler factories to use list rather than set
(for better reproducibility)

2014-04-17 20:59:43 Tree
[768e6d] by martyn

Fix accidental sign reversal in 2025

2014-04-17 20:56:11 Tree
[ff1121] by martyn

Removed checkNPar member function from Function and Distribution. It is now a separate function.
Added npar() member function to Function and Distribution.

2014-02-09 16:06:37 Tree
[7feccc] by martyn

Added user-callable log density functions for all distributions

2014-02-09 13:14:56 Tree
[0bd8b6] by martyn

Fix log density calculations for multivariate normal.
Give correct density expression in the JAGS User Manual.

2014-02-07 16:34:59 Tree
[c69947] by martyn

Remove ConstantDataNode and ConstantParameterNode classes.
Now folded into ConstantNode.

2014-02-01 16:20:40 Tree
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