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 The lecuyer module is adapted from code Copyright (C) Pierre L'Ecuyer 2001.
 The glm module contains a complete copy of the CSparse library,
-Copyright (C) Timothy A. Davis, 2006-2009.
+Copyright (C) Timothy A. Davis, 2006-2009, and the CHOLMOD library,
+Copyright (C) 2004-2009. Some portions of CHOLMOD are Copyright (C)
+Univ. of Florida. Others are Copyright (C) by their authors
+(T. A. Davis and W. Hager).
 The file LGMix.cc in the glm module contains code to approximate the
 negative log-gamma distribution by a mixture of normals, originally
 written by Rudolf Fruewirth and taken from the GMRFLib library by
-Havard Rue.+Havard Rue.