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[9a5787] (release-2_2_patched) by martyn_plummer

Fix documentation bugs

2010-12-16 08:58:36 Tree
[cd22e4] by martyn_plummer

Reverting recent changes to MKL instructions

2010-11-21 16:59:16 Tree
[081cbc] by martyn_plummer

Use -no-undefined only for Windows, where it is required.
This was causing problems with implicit dependencies on Unix,
so the manual has been updated with simplified instructions.
Also ACML for Solaris is no longer available.

2010-11-19 11:40:31 Tree
[a0d9d0] by martyn_plummer

Update build instructions for Solaris with newer compilers.

2010-11-12 20:32:44 Tree