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-This code is copyright (c) 2002-6 Martyn Plummer <plummer@iarc.fr>
-and is licensed under the GNU GPL (See the file COPYING). 
+This code is copyright (C) 2002-10 Martyn Plummer, with the following
+The library JRmath is a version of the R math library from R version
+2.10.1., copyright (C), 1998-2000 Ross Ihaka, Robert Gentleman, The
+R Core Development Team, The R Foundation, and Morten Welinder (see
+individual source files for details).  Part of the R math library is
+also found in the file src/lib/rng/RmathRNG.cc
+The random number generators in the base module:
+- src/modules/base/rngs/MarsagliaRNG.cc
+- src/modules/base/rngs/MersenneTwiseterRNG.cc
+- src/modules/base/rngs/SuperDuperRNG.cc
+- src/modules/base/rngs/WichmannHillRNG.cc
+contain random number generators from the main R library which are 
+Copyright (C) 1998 Ross Ihaka 2000-2009 and The R Core Development Team.
+The implementation of the Mersenne Twister generator is Copyright (C)
+1997, 1999 Makoto Matsumo and Takuji Nishimura.
+The lecuyer module is adapted from code Copyright (C) Pierre L'Ecuyer 2001.
+The glm module contains a complete copy of the CSparse library,
+Copyright (C) Timothy A. Davis, 2006-2009, and the CHOLMOD library,
+Copyright (C) 2004-2009. Some portions of CHOLMOD are Copyright (C)
+Univ. of Florida. Others are Copyright (C) by their authors
+(T. A. Davis and W. Hager).
+The file LGMix.cc in the glm module contains code to approximate the
+negative log-gamma distribution by a mixture of normals, originally
+written by Rudolf Fruewirth and taken from the GMRFLib library by
+Havard Rue.

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