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[7588b6] by martyn

More efficient GraphView::setValue using STL vector

2013-04-20 19:51:40 Tree
[211203] by martyn

More efficient updating in ConjugateDirichlet
Uses new interface MixtureNode::activeParent.

2013-04-16 20:41:16 Tree
[b31ea5] by martyn

More efficient node lookup for Mixture Nodes

2013-04-14 15:55:12 Tree
[8c9621] by martyn

Distinguish between fixed and observed nodes.
Constant node now has two subclasses: ConstantDataNode, ConstantParameterNode.
Node::isRandomVariable replaced by Node::randomVariableStatus

2013-03-17 20:34:47 Tree
[b8d843] by martyn

Merge changes from jags-3_patched

2013-02-25 13:50:13 Tree
[7fa5e8] by martyn

Fix denominator bug in sd(). Add new order() function.

2013-02-25 13:21:54 Tree
[042765] by martyn

Allow common RNG seed to be set in Console
Make "distclean" clears files built by flex, bison

2013-02-11 20:53:33 Tree
[ef269b] by martyn

Refactor glm code to use Outcome objects.
Require automake 1.12 or above due to incompatible change in header files.

2013-02-09 13:43:32 Tree
[b60cc0] by martyn

Branch merge from release-3_patched
Update NEWS file for JAGS 4.0.0 with namespace news

2013-02-08 13:37:23 Tree
[af5345] by martyn

Put JAGS library functions in namespace jags
Put modules in nested namespaces

2013-02-08 13:32:44 Tree
[806c99] by martyn

Change calls to fprec in DRound and DRoundFunc to fround.

2013-02-04 15:19:30 Tree
[4a5225] by martyn

Fix segfault when user supplies function or distribution with no arguments.

2013-01-22 18:01:28 Tree
[bb9799] by martyn

After discussion with Dave Lunn, change penalty for non-conjugate Dirichlet sampler.

2013-01-22 18:01:00 Tree
[61a0fd] by martyn

Corrected documentation for negative binomial distribution

2012-12-13 14:26:09 Tree
[7c52df] by martyn

Removed duplicate implementation of Pow function in bugs module, keeping the
one in base. Improved checking of valid parameter values for base::pow.

2012-11-30 09:22:07 Tree
[f4ae6c] by martyn

Removed spurious warning about unused .RNG.seed etc. in initial value file.

2012-11-30 09:00:03 Tree
[745119] by martyn

Catch attempts to set thinning interval of 0 in the Console interface.

2012-11-26 14:37:32 Tree
[4c6fd7] by martyn

Fixed logic_error exception in checkLinear.

2012-11-20 16:35:00 Tree
[c316f6] by martyn

Added MeanMonitor to monitor running mean of node

2012-11-20 11:15:57 Tree
[4c0f6f] by martyn

Branch merge from jags-3_patched after release of JAGS 3.3.0

2012-10-02 08:15:38 Tree
[d5e690] by martyn

Added tag release-3_3_0 for changeset c4f2e087023f

2012-10-01 15:57:10 Tree
[c4f2e0] (release-3_3_0) by martyn

Tweaks to the Windows installer.

2012-10-01 15:55:11 Tree
[9043de] by martyn

Manual updates for Mac OS X

2012-10-01 15:54:08 Tree
[135fe1] by martyn

Update NEWS

2012-09-18 07:42:43 Tree
[253ea6] by martyn

Tidying up obsolete files in build tree.

2012-09-18 07:34:57 Tree
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