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Code Log

Commit Date  
[1d7c18] (glm) by martyn

Added experimental Holmes-Held samplers

2012-01-09 07:29:09 Tree
[69176b] by martyn

Allow inverse and logdet functions to work on scalars.

2012-01-25 09:12:20 Tree
[aa67b5] by martyn

Fix IWSL in glm module so it does not accept arbitrary link functions.

2012-01-24 22:39:17 Tree
[66dc2b] by martyn

Optimize cutoff for left and right expansions in Holmes-Held sampler

2012-01-13 08:25:33 Tree
[0a5322] (help) by martyn

Fixes for clang, solaris; bump version number

2011-12-21 16:35:28 Tree
[4bd010] by martyn

Fixes to the DRound distribution.
- Add tolerance to outcome
- Ensure second argument is discrete

2011-12-21 10:26:34 Tree
[259e15] by martyn

Renamed ShiftedPoisson to ShiftedCount and expanded it to handle
binomial and Negative binomial nodes.

2011-11-30 13:35:22 Tree
[70f070] by martyn

Solaris fixes

2011-11-29 16:02:13 Tree
[37d2e4] by martyn

Added ShiftedMultinomial sampling method

2011-11-29 10:41:01 Tree
[dfef62] by martyn

Added shifted Poisson sampler for Poisson-Binomial models.

2011-11-28 15:48:18 Tree
[87f59b] by martyn

Simplified updateLM by removing unused "chol" parameter
Corrected documentation for HolmesHeld::updateAuxiliary

2011-11-27 23:20:57 Tree
[1852d7] by martyn

Updates to Holmes-Held method
- More comments in
- Shift cut-point for two series expansions in

2011-11-22 17:31:53 Tree
[e175fd] by martyn

DMState is a discrete-valued distribution.

2011-11-22 09:42:55 Tree
[91c549] by martyn

Fix bug in likelihood calculations for DBin when N is not fixed

2011-11-16 16:01:44 Tree
[654c15] by martyn

Increased numerical stability of Kolmogorov-Smirnov sampling algorithm.

2011-11-16 15:59:32 Tree
[5d6650] by martyn

Added fprec.c and fround.c to JRmath
Fixes to GLMMethod.h and sub-classes:
- Added normalization penalty when sampling precision for logistic
regression auxiliary variables
- Added new member function fixedOutcome for sampler factories that
only work with fixed outcome data
- Renamed fixedGLM to fixedDesign

2011-11-14 07:40:25 Tree
[57223f] by martyn

Merging home and work branches

2011-11-12 14:07:40 Tree
[8efe57] by martyn

Added new observable function "dround"

2011-10-11 17:01:44 Tree
[1e35fc] by martyn

Document glm module and removed experimental samplers.
Fixed IWLSFactory so that it works only with fixed effect models.

2011-11-10 17:09:41 Tree
[13c22a] by martyn

BaseRNGFactory did not recycle RNGs correctly

2011-09-04 16:41:19 Tree
[a1596c] by martyn

Fix logic_error when user tries to set monitor in adaptive mode
Bump version number ready for patch release

2011-08-05 17:05:16 Tree
[9f4985] by martyn

Improved error messages when monitor cannot be created.

2011-07-20 10:31:58 Tree
[977025] by martyn

Allow progress bar in batch mode if user gives "by" option to update or adapt.

2011-07-18 13:53:40 Tree
[d49123] by martyn

Fix for Ekopath 4 STL library

2011-07-05 16:42:53 Tree
[50cf32] by martyn

Modify behaviour of update and adapt

2011-07-05 16:42:33 Tree
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