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[082b02] by martyn

Added unit tests and made corresponding changes to functions

2013-10-30 07:14:29 Tree
[98f06f] by martyn

Stop throwing exception when user tries to re-initialize model.

2013-10-24 14:37:17 Tree
[e8fae6] by martyn

Fixes for unit tests.

2013-10-18 19:41:00 Tree
[3b3684] by martyn

Fixes for DHyper

2013-10-18 19:40:45 Tree
[acc21f] by martyn

Adding unit tests

2013-10-18 18:59:58 Tree
[ca0b55] by martyn

More fixes to hypergeometric distribution.

2013-10-18 08:53:04 Tree
[ef03d6] by martyn

Further chagnes to hypergeometric distribution.

2013-10-18 06:04:45 Tree
[f8b988] by martyn

Fix issues with hypergeometric distribution.

2013-10-17 16:21:58 Tree
[b2d687] by martyn

Improve bugs::Rank by using STL vector class instead of C array for
temporary vector. Inline comparison function.

2013-10-15 09:40:32 Tree
[b6556b] by martyn

Logical not function was inverted.

2013-09-16 21:20:54 Tree
[35c04b] by martyn

Fix instances of R_pow_di not modified to JR_pow_di

2013-09-14 18:40:45 Tree
[3bf91d] by martyn

Log fix to qpar

2013-09-13 15:11:07 Tree
[1a6076] by martyn

Fix bug in DPar::q (Thanks to Matthew Denwood)

2013-09-13 14:58:01 Tree
[de27ea] by martyn

Update NEWS with recent changes

2013-09-06 16:06:24 Tree
[9edec7] by martyn

Add FLIBS to linker flags for modules that use BLAS, LAPACK.
Important when statically linking, as otherwise the module
is not correctly linked to the fortran library.

2013-09-06 16:02:53 Tree
[35dcff] (release-3_patched) by martyn

Added tag release-3_4_0 for changeset d69a1925351b

2013-08-30 13:41:51 Tree
[d69a19] (release-3_4_0) by martyn

Updated version number to 3.4.0

2013-08-30 13:12:30 Tree
[d2aab8] by martyn

Suppress warnings from Intel compiler.

2013-08-30 08:41:56 Tree
[ba259b] by martyn

Document changes to libjrmath

2013-08-22 15:53:48 Tree
[c27d88] by martyn

remap functions in libjrmath to avoid namespace clashes with libR and libRmath

2013-08-22 15:51:47 Tree
[7db48d] by martyn

Add missing header to

2013-08-22 15:42:45 Tree
[bc469e] by martyn

Fix missing header in DNegBin

2013-08-21 13:57:26 Tree
[c4ded1] by martyn

Update NEWS with recent changes

2013-08-20 13:17:09 Tree
[f60da8] by martyn

Extend DNegBin to allow size = 0 or prob = 1

2013-08-20 13:16:57 Tree
[d40170] by martyn

Document the new order function in the bugs module.

2013-08-20 12:38:38 Tree
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