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Code Log

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[1e35fc] (475 Bytes) by martyn

Document glm module and removed experimental samplers.
Fixed IWLSFactory so that it works only with fixed effect models.

2011-11-10 17:09:41 View
[c6a139] (416 Bytes) by martyn_plummer

Rename Updater class to GraphView.

2010-01-05 16:26:59 View
[2ab654] (417 Bytes) by martyn_plummer

GLMMethod now includes a vector of "sub-updaters", each of which updates
a single node and its deterministic descendants. A new subclass GLMSampler
ensures memory management of the sub-updaters.

2009-10-08 15:38:38 View
[4c2f4e] (470 Bytes) by martyn_plummer

Major overhaul of the Sampler object system.
- Member functions of the sampler class have been hived off into a new
concrete class called Updater.
- Sampler objects use an updater to interfact with the graphical model
- Update methods are written in an abstract way, completely independent
of the implementation of the graphical model. The connection is only
made by the sub-classes instantiated in the modules.
- Updater class encapsulates local information in the graph and could
be used as an interface for many other functions.
Current update has been tested with classic bugs examples, but may
be a source of future bugs.

2009-09-25 13:38:18 View
[e748b1] (462 Bytes) by martyn_plummer

Modularised linear model samplers

2009-05-17 16:07:03 View