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[081fbe] by martyn

Branch merge from jags-3_patched

2012-03-18 22:43:26 Tree
[01a998] by martyn

Branch merge

2012-03-18 20:04:32 Tree
[ac5fcf] by martyn

Add setSeed method to RNGFactory
Bump major release number to 4 to avoid problems with vtable

2012-03-10 18:52:05 Tree
[799cca] by martyn

Reverse order in which compiler traversees the parse tree.
This conforms to the usual order in which nodes are defined.

2012-03-14 17:19:11 Tree
[6669c5] by martyn

Use BLAS in InProd and MatMult

2012-03-02 16:10:27 Tree
[581cbe] by martyn

Bump release number to 3.3.0

2012-03-02 13:50:36 Tree
[cfa44c] by martyn

Allow zero SIZE parameter in multinomial

2012-03-02 13:24:23 Tree
[5593c3] by martyn

Fix likelihood calculations for uniform distribution.

2012-03-01 17:18:13 Tree
[3e6f56] by martyn

Update name of AX_LAPACK macro in
Old alias ACX_LAPACK does not work for Bill on Mac OS X.

2012-02-29 16:55:27 Tree
[2a9393] by martyn

Work around case with zero denominator in

2012-02-20 09:52:28 Tree
[10fa59] by martyn

Add some additional information messages for

2012-02-20 09:17:12 Tree
[516fd6] by martyn

Branch merge

2012-02-19 20:57:18 Tree
[a6e72e] by martyn

Trap underflow and overflow errors in Weibull distribution
due to change of parameterization

2012-02-19 20:56:50 Tree
[f0d42b] by martyn

Add warnings about unused initial values

2012-02-12 16:25:24 Tree
[0e0733] by martyn

Clarify use of missing values in manual.

2012-02-12 15:07:30 Tree
[80147b] by martyn

Prevent NodeArray::setValue from overwriting values of observed nodes.
This can happen at initialization.

2012-02-12 14:18:13 Tree
[e45e52] by martyn

Add faster Kullback-Leibler calculation for Bernoulli distribution

2012-02-11 09:18:14 Tree
[68e9fa] by martyn

Restrict IWLS method to allowed link functions
(Binomial with log link fails due to boundary in parameter space).

2012-02-11 09:15:09 Tree
[1d7c18] (glm) by martyn

Added experimental Holmes-Held samplers

2012-01-09 07:29:09 Tree
[910926] by martyn

Manual: clarify that link functions cannot be vectorized

2012-01-31 10:04:14 Tree
[69176b] by martyn

Allow inverse and logdet functions to work on scalars.

2012-01-25 09:12:20 Tree
[aa67b5] by martyn

Fix IWSL in glm module so it does not accept arbitrary link functions.

2012-01-24 22:39:17 Tree
[66dc2b] by martyn

Optimize cutoff for left and right expansions in Holmes-Held sampler

2012-01-13 08:25:33 Tree
[2c0acf] by martyn

Fixes to table:bugs:scalar2 in manual, which used inconsistent notation.

2012-01-12 11:25:45 Tree
[ec602a] by martyn

Commit new tag: releas-3_2_0

2011-12-21 16:36:31 Tree
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