USB Problem

  • Sparks

    Sparks - 2007-08-22

    Just found you software and thought I'd give it a go, it'd be nice to have monitor calibration in Linux.

    Anyway, I downloaded everything and all requirements. Had some problems with ccmath. I use Suse 10.2 on AMD64. I couldn't compile it, far too many problems. So I searched and found an AMD64 lib already compiled. Installed that and built mcalib OK but at runtime it had some complaints re the being in the wrong format so instead I static linked to libccm.a.
    Ran mcalib and it comes up with an empty black background window then that closes and I get the terminal window with following message:

    254: 65278      65278   65278
    255: 65535      65535   65535
    usb_set_debug: Setting debugging level to 255 (on)
    USB error: could not get bound driver: Operation not permitted
    USB error: could not set config 1: Operation not permitted
    failed to set configuration

    I have 64 bit usblib installed and Huey plugged in.

    Do you have any idea what this could be?

    thanks, Colin

    • obsidianart

      obsidianart - 2008-01-26

      I had the same problem, you need to be root, are you already root when you prompt the command?


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