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Modbus Device Configurator / News: Recent posts

nobody join the project ....

For this reason I have to work on the source code by myself and alone: It will take time.
When I will have a valid source snapshot, it will be released on the site.


Posted by uPenguin 2006-02-07

A little pause

I'm involved in some jobs which are getting all my time. I will try to close a new release of mbDevConf starting 2006.
For any notes about it, please email me.


Posted by uPenguin 2005-12-08

0.70b2 Source code released

I released a snapshot of the new sw release I'm developing. This is to let developers integrate ideas, components, etc. to the main project.
Please, send me your source code modifications in order to let me sync the main project.


Posted by uPenguin 2005-10-14

Work in progress

During this week I will start to add some new features requested and to debug the code.
After that I will continue to write the user manual (first draft)

Posted by uPenguin 2005-09-30

New release

We release a new 0.60beta-1 release which solve a little problem linked to the package (position of COMM API lib).

Posted by uPenguin 2005-09-29