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  • chch-kiwi

    chch-kiwi - 2005-02-12


    In our company PaperPort is the one remaining application we use which requires Windows. It's a really good piece of software if you haven't tried it. The later versions are quite a bit slower as they have moved to PDF, but earlier versions are snappy and fast to use.

    PaperPort manages large amounts of scanned paper in directories a little like a hierachical filing cabinet. The paper appears in directories as a number of stacks which can be positioned anywhere on the screen. These stacks can have 1 piece of paper, or many. Each piece can be a different scan depth or resolution. You can move paper between stacks and generally mess around with it.

    Take a look at if you haven't seen it before.

    My problems with PaperPort are basically that:

    - it only runs on Windows
    - it doesn't even run under WINE
    - scanning has become cumbersome in later versions
    - the .max file format is proprietary
    - this is solved by later versions using PDF, but this is slow

    Hence this project which will probably never produce anything as comprehensive as PaperPort (which has links to many other pieces of software, etc.) but will hopefully produce a very useful tool for companies who for some reason have not standardised on Windows.

    Please discuss away as you wish.

    Simon (chch-kiwi)

    • Ryan Beisner

      Ryan Beisner - 2005-03-29

      I'll second that!  I love paperport and I'm also stuck with an XP box just to do paperport document imaging.  I'm going to download this and see how far along you guys are.  That's exciting to know someone else cares!! 

    • zorro_ok

      zorro_ok - 2005-05-16

      Paperport is also one of the remaining things that keeps me shackled to the behemoth from Redmond.  I wish this project well and hope that it is successful. 

      I would think that more needs to be done to associate this project with document management and "paperless office" buzzwords to perhaps get more interest and involvement. 

      Suse has an app included in their distro, , that is also showing a bit of promise, but requires quite a bit of scripting to be very functional.  Not good for most average desktop users. 

      Again, good luck with the project!  I'll be following your progress closely!

    • chch-kiwi

      chch-kiwi - 2006-03-18



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