#2 Sound problems and .uaerc files


i'm using kick rom v3.1

this happens on everything i tried: Wings, RS1 demo,
SWIV and some other games.

i don't have a workbench, so i don't know about it.

what is the file you need, and where do i find it?
there is no such file on my HD.


  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2003-01-04

    Example KS3.1 games uaerc

  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2003-01-04

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    That's the problem.

    Without a .uaerc file of some sort, MaxUAE defaults to NOT
    produce any sound at all. You will need one if you want to
    hear sound.

    One warning before you do any of this, if there is not
    enough processor time left over after everything else gets
    emulated (68000, Disks, Custom Chips) then you will get very
    choppy sound. So, even on a fast computer, there are lots
    of games and demos that can choke the sound.

    Download the attached file, and drop it on MaxUAE to boot
    the emulator. This file has settings I've found useful for
    games. It assumes your kickstart is named kick.rom in the
    same directory as MaxUAE.

    Read the "README" file that comes with the original UAE (I
    put it in the UAE Docs folder of the 0.8.22b1 disk image).
    That file will tell you what all the junk in the uaerc file

  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2003-01-04
    • milestone: --> Version_0.8.22
    • priority: 5 --> 3
    • summary: RE:sound --> Sound problems and .uaerc files
    • status: open --> closed

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