#1 Booting with Cloanto ROM/Workbench


Any info on using Cloanto ROMS and Workbenches? I get key file
errors and the like, thanks


  • Jens Weichert

    Jens Weichert - 2002-10-18

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    Amiga Forever 3 works fine... you must delete all items in the "WBStartup" folder...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Yep, I get something about needing to have a Kickstart replacement in
    DF0. Just can't get it working.

  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2002-12-28
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  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2003-01-04

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    Make sure you have a .uaerc file! Default.uaerc in the
    same folder as MaxUAE is used, if present, when you click on
    the icon.

    You can drop a custom config (games.uaerc) or the like on
    MaxUAE to boot an Amiga with that config.

    The uaerc file has to have the line to boot a cloanto rom:
    kickstart_key_file=(path to rom.key)

    If you are getting "Kickstart Replacement in DF0" errors,
    then MaxUAE cant find the kick.rom file, you need to check
    the path. If you get "Illegal ROM" errors then MaxUAE
    can't find the rom.key, and you need to check the path.

    The WBStartup folder has nothing whatsoever to do with
    booting a cloanto ROM, but it DOES have items that screw up
    booting the AmigaForever WorkBench.

  • Jonatin

    Jonatin - 2003-01-04
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