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  • Mike Meyers

    Mike Meyers - 2003-02-18

    I tryed to compile the sources and Project Builder exit with errors. PB miss the include OT7OT.h, NSLCore/NSLCore.h SecurityCore/SecurityCore.h, all use in /osdep/macosx.c.

    Has anybody an idea, where the files are?

    Thanks for help


    • Jonatin

      Jonatin - 2003-02-19

      Which PB version are you running?  I compiled it with version 2.1 (Dec 2002 Dev Tools) and then imported it in to the CVS tree and checked it back out to a new directory and compiled it again.  Worked fine.

      It sounds like a system/framework header is missing or the wrong version.  Do you have Fink or another such program that may have replaced a header?  Or the latest Dev Tools?

      Those are just guesses.

    • Mike Meyers

      Mike Meyers - 2003-02-27

      Have solved the probleme by reinstall the DevTools, now it compile, but stoppt with errors. Try it with a new CVS tree on weekend.

      Thanks for help.



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