PPaint problems

Andy Hall
  • Andy Hall

    Andy Hall - 2003-02-02


    I've moved over to Macs a little while ago.  I used to use WinUAE on the PC quite a lot (mostly for serious programs that have no modern equvilent)  One of the main things i used was PPaint 7.1 (in UAEGFX mode), while I'm a Photoshop junkie, there are just things that PPaint is better suited to.

    Anyway, I'm having problems running PPaint (from amiga forever, my commerical version and from the aminet) on MaxUAE.  If I run it on an OCS screen then all works well (if a bit slow) however, if I try to run it as UAEGFX screen the display window shrinks and there is just black and grey garbage displayed. 

    I've tried playing with all the PPaint settings (changing blitter from amiga to CPU, different screen sizes, different colour depths) but no joy.  If I run PPaint to clone the WB screen (the default setting) then the WB screen lightens and the system locks up.

    Anyone else had this problem or running PPaint?



    • Jonatin

      Jonatin - 2003-02-03


      I've got some questions, but no answers off the top of my head.

      First, I'll try to duplicate it, but what config are you running on the Amiga?  OS? (3.1?)  Fastmem size?  Gfxmem size?  Attaching your .uaerc file would be most helpful.

      Second, which PPaint?  I've got AmigaForever 4.x and 5.0 (Cloanto's Windows-only updater is really frustrating... but that's another story.)  I assume you used the default install then?

      There are some differences (obviously) in the way uaegfx is handled, perhaps the big->little->big (its ugly) endian codes' off a bit.  I'll check up.

    • Andy Hall

      Andy Hall - 2003-02-06

      It's all from Amiga forever 5.0 CD

      I'm using KS 3.1.  Here is my config (although I've played around with it in a effort to get it working, but no luck)


    • John Perry

      John Perry - 2003-12-02

      Was there ever a solution to this problem? I also have problems with PPaint on an iBook G3 @ 500MHz (maybe 400MHz). The problem is not limited to PPaint, but to any program that tries to open a new screen: things just go haywire. Either the display hangs (PPaint, Multiview sometimes) or it corrupts & becomes illegible & unresponsive (Multiview when I open Cloanto's clown picture on a separate screen).

      I haven't tried it with an OCS setup yet; I hadn't thought of that. But it would be nice if I could get it working with UAEGFX.


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