Repository for external utilities?

  • scsirob

    scsirob - 2009-10-06

    Way back when, I developed an external utility for Maximus that allowed sysops to chat with users yelling on the BBS across a Novell Netware IPX network. Kinda handy when the BBS was in the computer room, and the sysop was enjoying the peace and quiet of the office down the hall.

    I would like to donate the utility plus source, how do I best make it available? Is there a repository for such utilities anywhere?


  • Minh Van Le

    Minh Van Le - 2014-06-03

    Put it on Janis Kracht's BBS (FileGate) somewhere in the Maximus archives, or maybe a BBS that still does FREQ's :)

    You could also use the IFDC FileGate Project (a free distribution system, which delivers over 30 megabytes of shareware and freeware files a day to main distribution systems all over the world, at no cost for the receiving system).

    Another place could be


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