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[d85f8a] (version-590rc3) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'version-590rc3'.

2002-10-29 20:28:57 Tree
[1e90d3] by amundson amundson

Updated for 5.9.0rc3 by

2002-10-29 20:28:56 Tree
[cd6a65] by amundson amundson

Automake can cause trouble if generated make files are not included in
tarball. Include in tarball.

2002-10-29 18:47:25 Tree
[ea8b8b] by amundson amundson

Previous version had an ugly hack to create uncompressed info
files. The hack caused info files to be deleted when upgrading the

We now have a new ugly (but less ugly!) hack to avoid compressing the
info files.

2002-10-29 18:46:12 Tree
[9ac580] by amundson amundson

Update for rc3.

2002-10-29 18:43:56 Tree
[2a925a] by amundson amundson

ChangeLog updated by

2002-10-28 21:28:50 Tree
[04a086] by amundson amundson

Last minute packaging problem discovered and fixed: Elliptic.texi was
not included in the distribution tarball. Now it is.

2002-10-28 18:22:54 Tree
[a96d69] by amundson amundson

Increment version to 5.9.0rc2.

2002-10-28 02:53:49 Tree
[5d4a45] by amundson amundson

Fix courtesy Sam Steingold:

* init-cl.lisp (user::run): use `with-simple-restart' for
CLISP, just like for CMUCL.
(sys::commands) [CLISP]: do not redefine the internal function

2002-10-28 02:50:41 Tree
[c1fff2] by amundson amundson

Fix courtesy Sam Steingold:

(step7): call `hyp-algv' with a correct number of arguments

2002-10-28 02:47:07 Tree
[0b6e90] by amundson amundson

Make double precision numbers default under clisp. This change was
suggested by Sam Steingold.

Precision in Maxima needs revisiting.

2002-10-28 02:43:00 Tree
[81ddc3] by amundson amundson

Make sure binary-cmucl directories exist before invoking cmucl. This
change is necessary since maxima.system started calling truename for

2002-10-28 02:41:12 Tree
[11a2c6] by amundson amundson

Update package handling for gcl.

2002-10-28 02:39:51 Tree
[e834ae] by amundson amundson

Add contents of win32 directory to distribution tarball.

2002-10-28 02:33:13 Tree
[0530b9] by amundson amundson

Fixes to restore the functionality of xmaxima-local, at least under

2002-10-28 02:31:02 Tree
[057222] by amundson amundson

Small update on GCL versions.

2002-10-28 02:29:00 Tree
[e96d3a] by wjenkner wjenkner

ITERATE-OVER-BKPTS: Deleting disabled breakpoints didn't work and
enabling already enabled breakpoints effectively deleted them.

2002-10-27 02:20:59 Tree
[0dc281] by amundson amundson

Very important bug fix. The old default version of pid was -1. This
was explosively dangerous -- if the maxima subprocess failed to start,
xmaxima will call "kill -1", which results in killing *all* user
process on (at least) Linux.

The new default version for pid is "none".

2002-10-25 17:03:29 Tree
[85f2c9] by billingd billingd

Fix typo in disabled test, then enable it.

2002-10-24 00:03:30 Tree
[b10d8f] by billingd billingd

Add tests for ode2() with method:xformtoconstcoeff

2002-10-23 23:57:16 Tree
[d5a357] by rtoy rtoy

Recent versions of CMUCL need truename to get the right location of
binary-cmucl. Don't know if this is a bug in CMUCL or defsystem.

2002-10-17 22:32:25 Tree
[6a2ab5] by rtoy rtoy

Fix typo in loop expression.

2002-10-17 21:32:43 Tree
[d2a3a5] by amundson amundson

Restore large clisp banner at startup.

2002-10-17 21:08:38 Tree
[33ec71] by belanger belanger

A "$" was added to a skip-chars-backwards command, to deal with
commands ending in "$".

2002-10-16 15:39:22 Tree
[9ae2eb] by rtoy rtoy

Bug 623620: -log(-1.0b0) unnormalized

Fixed as suggested by Stavros Macrakis (with minor editing).

2002-10-15 17:34:27 Tree
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