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[c249db] (first-downcase) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'first-downcase'.

2004-10-04 02:25:56 Tree
[052154] by amundson amundson

Downcasing of source complete. Code compiles and passes tests with
clisp, cmucl, gcl and sbcl.

2004-10-04 02:25:55 Tree
[c0aa5b] by yycamm yycamm

Update gcl-alt-link load target for new build with compiled anonymous closures in cl-info

2004-10-01 18:07:29 Tree
[12e86e] by amundson amundson

Last set of ode cleanups from Andreas Eder. These changes remove the
function $extendp, which did not do anything.

($extendp must have done something once. I wonder what?)

All testsuite tests pass.

2004-09-30 12:47:12 Tree
[61944f] by amundson amundson

Code cleanups from Andreas Eder. This commit contains the bulk of the
changes, but a few are still outstanding.

All testsuite tests pass.

2004-09-30 02:18:17 Tree
[afd0a0] by amundson amundson

change version to post-release value

2004-09-30 02:02:52 Tree
[9f3289] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Changed the macro expansion incantation in $read_matrix.
Now read_lisp_array, read_maxima_array, read_hashed_array, and write_data
all return '$done (unconditionally).
This version successfully executes the test scripts when executed on
Maxima (Clisp 2.31).

2004-09-26 16:20:25 Tree
[46d003] by starseeker starseeker

Add old primer tex file

2004-09-25 22:10:26 Tree
[f37387] by starseeker starseeker

Uploading bib archives

2004-09-25 22:08:42 Tree
[b0c09f] by starseeker starseeker

Adding images using cvs add -kb imagename.png

2004-09-25 21:54:05 Tree
[953db9] by starseeker starseeker

Import main tex files

2004-09-25 21:40:00 Tree
[6a1a1d] by starseeker starseeker

Adding top level files

2004-09-25 21:36:57 Tree
[0855f7] by starseeker starseeker

Fixed announcement date for 5.9.1

2004-09-25 15:38:22 Tree
[de980f] by starseeker starseeker

Opps - fixed text of links

2004-09-25 01:21:56 Tree
[66105f] by starseeker starseeker

fixed other download links for 5.9.1

2004-09-25 01:19:58 Tree
[aa4289] by starseeker starseeker

5.9.1 release

2004-09-25 01:12:50 Tree
[b81a4a] by amundson amundson

Updated for 5.9.1

2004-09-24 02:31:20 Tree
[a25003] by amundson amundson

Bump version number to 5.9.1.

2004-09-24 00:51:06 Tree
[447533] by amundson amundson

Followed instructions in README to make code compatible with
Maxima. Untested.

2004-09-24 00:50:25 Tree
[2f9198] by amundson amundson

-u, --use-version argument was being ignored. Fixed.

2004-09-23 02:50:24 Tree
[851214] by belanger belanger

Fixed a problem with ":=" in the output.
Fixed a problem with (%t..) output.

2004-09-21 19:36:15 Tree
[c2a390] by starseeker starseeker

Linked to (slightly) less outdated Maximabook pdf.

2004-09-19 18:56:48 Tree
[1ade09] by amundson amundson

Fix problem with with_stdout under sbcl and cmucl.

2004-09-19 13:50:19 Tree
[42f9e0] by amundson amundson

Fix problem with compile_file under sbcl.

2004-09-19 13:49:58 Tree
[fc7840] by amundson amundson

Remove trailing ampersands from ps. Add ampersands to dvi.

2004-09-19 13:14:03 Tree
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