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[ad9be7] (release-5_12_0-base) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELEASE-

2007-04-04 04:57:59 Tree
[9268e2] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Bring grobner.texi into Maxima reference manual.
(1) Revise organization in grobner.texi (in particular now there are only two @nodes,
and some sections have moved around).
(2) Make pointers from maxima.texi to grobner.texi.
(3) Put grobner.texi on list of files in

2007-04-04 04:57:58 Tree
[e68c61] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

New file grobner.texi as sent by Guenther Nowak 2007-03-26 to Robert Dodier.
Documentation for the Grobner package in Maxima.

2007-04-04 04:16:32 Tree
[a6c007] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Commit my current version of sys-proclaim.lisp. This is theoretically
up-to-date wrt to the functions now present in src/*.lisp.

2007-04-04 03:52:39 Tree
[abd30d] by villate villate

Code clean up and new features: the two variables no longer have to be
x and y, new options to specify the horizontal and vertical axes.

2007-04-04 01:07:42 Tree
[f58cde] by andrejv andrejv

Test if assignments are consistent in ImmediateAssignments

2007-04-03 15:14:54 Tree
[c67e7a] by andrejv andrejv

Moved gnuplot_pipes functions to a better place.

2007-04-03 07:00:43 Tree
[f3d064] by villate villate

Moved plotdf from share/contrib into share/dynamics

2007-04-02 23:36:10 Tree
[e2783a] by macrakis macrakis

Make True, False, Und, Ind into Maxima constants

2007-04-02 23:22:20 Tree
[b979bf] by andrejv andrejv

Added load-linearalgebra-lisp-files.

2007-04-02 16:29:41 Tree
[b202fc] by andrejv andrejv

Updates related to the new gnuplot_pipes format.

2007-04-02 16:28:19 Tree
[0fcc55] by van_nek van_nek

removed "load (linearalgebra);" after adding
autoload properties to linearalgebra functions

2007-04-02 15:52:37 Tree
[837147] by van_nek van_nek

autoload property added to linearalgebra functions

2007-04-02 15:34:06 Tree
[3e8345] by riotorto riotorto

Updating translations

2007-04-02 10:53:18 Tree
[70fa85] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Minor changes to make this document more appealing to current latex:
write documentclass instead of documentstyle, and move maketitle after \begin{document}.

2007-04-02 04:13:33 Tree
[a22b2a] by villate villate

Update for the new version of dynamics to be distributed with Maxima

2007-04-02 00:15:23 Tree
[3f69ef] by villate villate

New version of the images for version 5.12

2007-04-02 00:06:47 Tree
[6c0939] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Make Maxima comfortable with partially-evaluated Boolean expressions
by merging code from share/contrib/boolsimp.lisp into src.
(Only the stuff for Boolean expressions has been brought over;
the stuff for partially-evaluated conditional expressions was not.)

The global flag prederror is still honored. When prederror=true,
Boolean expressions which evaluate (under "is", "if",
or one of the operators "and", "or", or "not") to something
other than true or false trigger an error.
The default value of prederror is now false (was true).

With these modifications, run_testsuite() (including new tests for
Boolean expressions) succeeds without unexpected errors.

Residual strangeness: "and", "or", and "not" cause evaluation of
their operands via MEVALP. So (foo or bar) is equivalent to
(?mevalp(foo) or ?mevalp(bar)). This is mostly OK but for operands
which are a=b or a#b, MEVALP always returns T or NIL so "and", "or",
and "not" turn anything with = or # into true or false. I'm inclined
to think that's a bug. (The structure of the previous code was
pretty much entirely preserved, which is the source of this bug;
there may be other strangeness present for the same reason.)

* doc/info/Operators.texi:
Update descriptions of "and", "or", and "not"
Update descriptions of "equal" and "notequal"

* doc/info/Program.texi:
Update description of "if"

* share/contrib/boolsimp/boolsimp.lisp:
Cut out code which was merged into various src files

* share/contrib/boolsimp/rtest_boolsimp.mac:
Cut out tests which were moved to tests/rtest_boolean.mac

* src/acall.lisp:
Cut $MAYBE (redefined elsewhere)
Cut special declaration for PATEVALLED

* src/asum.lisp:
Modify NARY1 to better flatten Boolean expressions

* src/compar.lisp:
Change default value of $PREDERROR to NIL
Cut out obsolete special PATEVALLED (now a lexical variable)
Paste in lengthy comments about evaluation and simplification
policies for Boolean expressions
Redefine $MAYBE
Define simplification functions for Boolean operators
Redefine MAND, MOR, and MNOT

* src/trpred.lisp:
Cut out translation properties for MAND, MOR, and MNOT

* tests/
Put rtest_boolean.mac on list of files
Put rtest_mset.mac on list (was omitted by mistake before)

* tests/rtest_boolean.mac: (new)
Tests for partially-evaluated Boolean expressions

* tests/rtestsum.mac:
Problem 5 no longer fails so cut out comment about known failure

* tests/testsuite.lisp;
Remove rtestsum problem 5 from known failures
Put rtest_boolean on list of tests

2007-04-01 23:57:59 Tree
[5e7f49] by villate villate

New version of package dynamics. It now uses plot2d instead of
openplot_curves, more features were added, more error checks
introduced and the package was moved from share/contrib to

2007-04-01 22:46:42 Tree
[5f4d8b] by are_muc are_muc

replaced getcharn by char and symbol-value.

2007-04-01 21:52:33 Tree
[ccb9f0] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Paste in copyright notice and license release per email
from Edmond Orignac to Robert Dodier 2007-04-01, as follows.

"Hello Robert,

Yes, this is fine with me to release these files under GNU Public
License version 2.

Best wishes,


2007-04-01 17:22:28 Tree
[c5b8d9] by are_muc are_muc

replaced getcharn by using char and symbolname.

2007-04-01 16:31:56 Tree
[cd4e69] by are_muc are_muc

replaced getcharn by using symbol-name.

2007-04-01 16:04:28 Tree
[e27bd5] by are_muc are_muc

replaced symbols by strings in ask-prop and getcharn by char and symbol-value.

2007-04-01 15:56:37 Tree
[4dc6cc] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Commit documentation sent to me by Edmond Orignac 2007-04-01 for
Clebsch-Gordan and Meijer G functions.

2007-04-01 15:27:39 Tree
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