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[9ffa35] (version-5909beta2) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'version-5909beta2'.

2004-07-25 22:56:13 Tree
[5f0a10] by amundson amundson

Updates for

2004-07-25 22:56:12 Tree
[7a5508] by amundson amundson


2004-07-25 18:11:48 Tree
[2b9dc6] by amundson amundson

first version generated by makefile.

2004-07-25 17:22:44 Tree
[5b88de] by amundson amundson

Optimization: GCL's built-in info is much faster than our info
implementation. However, GCL's info won't respect out *prompt-
variables. Compromise by only calling our info when the prompts are
not empty.

2004-07-25 17:22:03 Tree
[eae7a1] by amundson amundson

Update for sys-proclaim.lisp.

Generate sys-proclaim.lisp with sys-proclaim target.

2004-07-25 17:17:33 Tree
[c9ef7e] by amundson amundson

Add --disable-readline option so that rmaxima will work with gcl. I
don't see any way to disable readline at runtime in clisp.

2004-07-25 16:59:13 Tree
[e6da4f] by amundson amundson

change all instances of *-check to check-* for consistency with
targets such as clean-* in src directory.

2004-07-25 16:57:35 Tree
[b06aae] by amundson amundson

Make proper proclaims for GCL. Still need a way to generate
sys-proclaims.lisp. Speedup for GCL is nearly a factor of 2 on the
test suite.

2004-07-25 04:00:40 Tree
[fa9b27] by amundson amundson

Remove obsolete reference to 'zplot'. It clearly is no longer

2004-07-25 01:48:38 Tree
[a3e887] by amundson amundson

Fix typo in an error message.

2004-07-25 01:47:37 Tree
[fb45b2] by amundson amundson

Let GCL use the maxima info routines instead of its built-in info
routines. This allows us to treat the prompt prefix and suffix
properly with GCL.

2004-07-24 17:17:01 Tree
[0de6aa] by amundson amundson

1) add examples of complex plots.
2) add documentation for make_transform.
3) fix references to make_transform.

2004-07-24 17:06:32 Tree
[4948bb] by amundson amundson

Modify documentation for PLOT_OPTIONS to reflect the many new gnuplot options. Entirely rewrote the PLOT_OPTIONS section in an attempt to make it more coherent.

2004-07-23 13:16:59 Tree
[4ad739] by rtoy rtoy

MUL2* should call *, not f* because the args are numbers, not fixnums!

2004-07-16 14:19:48 Tree
[b5534c] by amundson amundson

give CMUCL_RUNTIME a default value, no matter what

2004-07-15 02:20:39 Tree
[7ede5c] by rtoy rtoy

[ maxima-Bugs-908185 ] wrong derivative of elliptic_e in src/ellipt.lisp

Apply patch in bug report.

2004-07-12 14:01:34 Tree
[4cf8a9] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* interfaces/xmaxima/win32/readme.txt: Fix formatting

* interfaces/xmaxima/win32/InfoBefore.txt: Remove comments about
directory names with spaces. Add notes about windows 95 and
environment space.

2004-07-04 04:47:14 Tree
[686158] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* Default installation path restored to Program Files

2004-07-04 04:41:58 Tree
[c29123] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* interfaces/xmaxima/Tkmaxima/Paths.tcl:

These changes remove some windows 95 specific code. For once, it has
been possible to clean up, rather than add another layer of hacks.
- Remove code to set path. This is now done in maxima.bat so that
the command line version works.
- Remove special case code to bypass maxima.bat on windows 95

2004-07-04 03:30:35 Tree
[f5edf3] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* interfaces/xmaxima/win32/
Remove hackery to maxima-init.lisp that hard codes path to gcc.
No longer required since:
- xmaxima under windows 95 now uses maxima.bat
- an correct path is set in maxima.bat by windows installer

2004-07-04 03:18:40 Tree
[15d37c] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* Add maxima.bat to start menu.

2004-07-04 03:12:34 Tree
[5a1511] by billingd billingd

2004-07-04 David Billinghurst

* src/ Set PATH environment variable.
Required for plotting from command line maxima.
Will allow simplification elsewhere.

2004-07-04 03:09:44 Tree
[296531] by billingd billingd

Set maxima_prefix environment variable

2004-07-03 01:48:36 Tree
[7a1242] by billingd billingd

2004-07-03 David Billinghurst

* interfaces/xmaxima/Tkmaxima/Paths.tcl: Add windows specific code for
case when path to maxima executable (script) contains a space.

2004-07-03 01:44:55 Tree
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