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[7528ff] (Zeilberger-3_0-modified) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'Zeilberger-

2006-04-13 22:04:41 Tree
[280811] by andrejv andrejv

Add a check to make sure that shift quotient is rational.

Fixes bugs 1385309 and 1385311. None of the examples there have rational
shift quotients so they are not gosper summable.

2006-04-13 22:04:40 Tree
[fa8b94] by rtoy rtoy

Use Richard Fateman's k function to implement factorial. This gives a
speed up of 3-4 times on clisp, cmucl, and gcl over the original
factorial implementation.

2006-04-13 16:51:18 Tree
[13c305] by riotorto riotorto

First translation of linearalgebra

2006-04-11 23:03:45 Tree
[f0d988] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

(1) Recognize lambda expressions as matchdeclare predicates.
For this, GETDEC in src/matcom.lisp has been heavily revised.
(2) Allow false as a rule production, by returning a rule-hit flag separate from
the rule production result.
With these changes, batch ("tests/rtest_rules.mac", test); succeeds.

2006-04-11 14:55:32 Tree
[95571c] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Test script for rules defined by tellsimp, tellsimpafter, defrule, and defmatch.
This test script is not (at present) listed in tests/testsuite.lisp and therefore not executed by run_testsuite.

2006-04-11 14:50:25 Tree
[75fa62] by rtoy rtoy

Add some (disabled) debugging prints.

2006-04-11 14:46:34 Tree
[a8b9a0] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Put in defprops for symbols corresponding to Greek letters which
look like Roman letters (and therefore do not have corresponding TeX commands).
Also put in a defprop for $done.

2006-04-11 05:17:34 Tree
[033f82] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Omit built-in rules from user-visible rules infolist.

2006-04-11 03:42:19 Tree
[270e2d] by riotorto riotorto

Typo correction outpudev -> outputdev

2006-04-10 22:41:05 Tree
[a19d3c] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Commit maxima.texi and Symmetries.texi as emailed to me by Jorge Barros de Abreu.

2006-04-09 17:29:16 Tree
[0dc468] by billingd billingd

Simplify the result of function maximin before return. This is required
when the function maxima function derivdegree is called from lisp.

2006-04-09 14:11:55 Tree
[297324] by ficmatinfmag ficmatinfmag

Portuguese partial translation of Symmetries.texi.

2006-04-09 06:31:50 Tree
[d2f3d8] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Revised stuff about share texi files (now they go in doc/info),
added new section about writing a new share package.

2006-04-09 02:34:18 Tree
[c66294] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Adjust whitespace.

2006-04-08 15:27:47 Tree
[b942c2] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Put in a link to Michel Gosse web site (documents in French).

2006-04-08 15:19:31 Tree
[d1d52b] by andrejv andrejv

Corrected the constant used for primep-small

2006-04-07 20:22:07 Tree
[f34c72] by andrejv andrejv

- Added real reference for primep-small
- Corrected the constant (\psi_7 from the paper)

2006-04-07 20:20:32 Tree
[4f7bda] by rtoy rtoy

Add more comments for dintexp and dintlog and friends.

2006-04-07 18:15:35 Tree
[d40fbb] by rtoy rtoy

More documentation
o Fix typo in page numbers for ssp.
o Add documentation for ssp and friends.
o Document what bygamma does.
o Remove special declaration for n in ssp. I don't think it's

2006-04-07 16:31:40 Tree
[87fac5] by riotorto riotorto

Translation of some share texi files

2006-04-07 07:38:41 Tree
[1b71bb] by rtoy rtoy

Fix bug [ 1460769 ] $maxpsiposint and friends aren't documented.

o Add documentation for maxpsiposint, maxpsinegint, maxpsifracnum, and
o Add a little more documentation for psin.

2006-04-06 21:18:21 Tree
[6736e4] by rtoy rtoy

Fix bug when getting documentation for psi. Sometimes the selected
item looks like "psi <1>". Strip off the " <1>" before we start
looking in the info file for it, because the info file doesn't
actually include the <1> part.

2006-04-06 21:06:59 Tree
[5b8e16] by rtoy rtoy

Fix typo: errror -> error.

2006-04-06 18:22:23 Tree
[16d5f6] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Enclose variables in {\it ...} only if name is longer than 1 character.
E.g. tex(x) => $$x$$, tex(xx) => $${\it xx}$$.

2006-04-06 14:46:09 Tree
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