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[1e9dd4] (version-59299rc3) by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Change log for 5.9.2--5.9.3.

2006-03-12 19:35:24 Tree
[ed3119] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Put share/contrib/log10.mac on the list of files.

2006-03-12 04:29:37 Tree
[c5bee7] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Make Clisp the default Lisp implementation for RPMs instead of SBCL.

2006-03-12 04:28:44 Tree
[625bbe] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Roll revision number forward to

2006-03-12 04:26:14 Tree
[382de6] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Commit current revision from head to 5.9.3 branch.

2006-03-12 04:23:14 Tree
[7d2bca] by villate villate

Fixes the example for opeplot_curves

2006-03-11 23:38:24 Tree
[b85abd] by villate villate

Fixes a typo in documentation for coefmatrix and gives an example.

2006-03-10 21:03:15 Tree
[4309f0] by riotorto riotorto

Removed control characters

2006-03-09 23:32:50 Tree
[efe125] by vvzhy vvzhy

Change EOLs from DOS to UNIX

2006-03-08 07:46:08 Tree
[f1bc9f] (version-59299rc2) by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Roll revision number forward to

2006-03-04 18:36:57 Tree
[e574c5] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Rename ASIN-HACK to MAXIMA-BRANCH-ASIN and call it unconditionally,
likewise with ACOS-HACK and ATANH-HACK.

2006-03-02 06:41:47 Tree
[51acb4] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

In ASIN-HACK, ACOS-HACK, and ATANH-HACK (used only for certain Lisp implementations),
apply CLHS formula only when input falls on a branch cut,
otherwise punt to corresponding CL function.
With this change run_testsuite reports no unexpected errors (as before).

2006-02-28 15:24:03 Tree
[ac97b1] (version-59299rc1) by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Enable SBCL build instead of Clisp since SBCL was used to create rc1 rpms.

2006-02-27 04:37:13 Tree
[3815d5] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Set revision number to

2006-02-27 04:36:11 Tree
[469d53] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Special-case Im z = 0 in computation of atanh z (COMPLEX-ATANH).
With this change, atanh(bfloat(x)) matches bfloat(rectform(atanh(x))) in rtest_trig.

2006-02-26 15:56:31 Tree
[1d92c5] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Make definitions of asin, acos, and atanh which have branch cuts which
match those of Maxima, and use these definitions to fix up differing branch
cut definitions of some Lisp implementations.
With these changes, rtest_trig succeeds (except for a bigfloat test which is not
affected by this code).

2006-02-25 16:51:52 Tree
[6e1f4b] by vvzhy vvzhy

Workaround for Clisp build problem

2006-02-25 09:03:00 Tree
[5df6e8] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Committing changes emailed to me by Volker van Nek.
I think it is all squared away now!

2006-02-24 02:20:46 Tree
[a71705] by riotorto riotorto

Restoring previous version. I incorrectly commited to 5.9.3 branch

2006-02-24 00:04:42 Tree
[986332] by riotorto riotorto

Commiting revisions as sent to me by Volker

2006-02-23 17:04:53 Tree
[c2270b] by yasu-honda yasu-honda

Support for OpenMCL compilation

2006-02-22 16:36:30 Tree
[be1946] by riotorto riotorto

Changes made to plotdf, as sent to me by Jaime Villate

2006-02-22 16:29:37 Tree
[697545] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Roll the revision number forward to

2006-02-21 06:15:39 Tree
[91c19d] (release-5_9_3-base) by lbutler lbutler

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RELEASE-

2006-02-21 05:52:09 Tree
[331cde] by robert_dodier robert_dodier

Modified rtest_trig.mac to collect some expressions to make it easier
to tell which functions yield erroneous results.

Modified rtest_diff_invtrig.mac, rtest_everysome.mac, rtest_scalarp.mac,
rtest_trig.mac, and rtest_zeta.mac to call kill(all) at the top of the script,
since other test scripts generally do that.

2006-02-21 05:52:08 Tree
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