Maxima 5.14.0 release

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Announcing Maxima 5.14.0

Maxima is a GPL'd branch of Macsyma, the venerable symbolic
computation system. Maxima 5.14.0 is a bug fix and feature
enhancement release.

Maxima has functions to work with polynomials, matrices, finite sets,
integrals, derivatives and differential equations, linear algebra,
plotting, floating point and arbitrary-precision arithmetic, etc.

Maxima can run on MS Windows and various flavors of Unix,
including MacOS X.
There is a precompiled executable installer for Windows,
source and binary RPM's for Linux, and tar.gz containing
the source distribution.

Maxima is implemented in Common Lisp; several Lisps can compile
and run Maxima, including CMUCL, SBCL, Clisp, and GCL.

The Maxima project welcomes new participants. You can contribute
in several ways: reporting bugs, fixing bugs, writing new add-on
packages, revising core functions, user interfaces, documentation, ....
Why not see what's happening on the mailing list and consider how
you might contribute to the project.

Robert Dodier
Maxima developer and 5.14.0 release manager

Posted by Robert Dodier 2012-11-18

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