As far as I can see otherwise we will run into hard-to-reproduce problems when changing the build system.
How does my Linux system deal with this problem? Every time I test a new version of maxima there it automatically recreates the right files without even requiring me to use a new version number for my new maxima.
A timestamp that tests if the files are newer than the installation?

Kind regards,


On 28. April 2014 16:42:06 MESZ, Martin Kraska <> wrote:

I repeat the proposal to specify version-specific user dirs, e.g. by changing line 31 in maxima.bat to


if "%MAXIMA_USERDIR%" == "" set MAXIMA_USERDIR=%USERPROFILE%\maxima%version%


Access to the draw package from within SMath Studio didn’t work for Maxima newer than 5.31.1-1. Fortunately, the 5.33.0 installers by David work. Here is an example:


Best regards, Martin Kraska


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Gesendet: Montag, 28. April 2014 11:28
An: Evgeniy Maevskiy;
Betreff: Re: [Maxima-discuss] Windows package, was: Maxima 5.33.0 release


I don't know if that is related. But I had the opposite problem: after installing draw worked. After downgrading to the official version it stopped to work.
The Fix was: deleting everything in maxima_userdir.

Perhaps installing the new installer hybritized something there.


On 6. April 2014 19:31:27 MESZ, Evgeniy Maevskiy <> wrote:

Hello, List!

On my Windows XP SP3 I have the next problem with Maxima-,
package draw:



;    - Source file
;      /Maxima- and
;      binary file
;      D:/Maxima- not
;      found, not loading.
loadfile: failed to load
  -- an error. To debug this try: debugmode(true);

06.04.2014 3:31, David Billinghurst пишет:

 On 5/04/2014 10:57 AM, David Billinghurst wrote:

 On 5/04/2014 5:52 AM, Robert Dodier wrote:

 On 2014-04-04, David Billinghurst <> wrote:

 There is a new windows installer available at

 Thanks, David. For the record, I installed it on my Windows Vista
laptop and it mostly works except that it runs into an error
whenever the Lisp compiler is invoked -- something about CreateProgram
or something like that. That error is provoked several times during
the test suite.

OK.  There is a new windows installer

This is built the classic way.  I worked around the makeinfo problem
using a wrapper script that calls cygwin makeinfo.  Not pretty, but it
works for me right now.

Postscript plotting is still broken.


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