Dear Robert san, Barton san, maxima users,

I just modified the code as suggested by Robert san,  in Github at

As I could not repro the bug Barton san has encountered, I cannot guarantee this fixes the issue, but worth a try.

Thanks and best regards,
Yasuaki Honda, Chiba, Japan

2014-04-16 0:41 GMT+09:00 Robert Dodier <>:
On 2014-04-15, Barton Willis <> wrote:

> (defun $prepare_for_qepcad ()
>   (setf (get '%and 'strsym) '(#\ #\/ #\\ #\ )) ;; <--- GCL and CCL both think something is wrong here
>   (setf (get '%or 'strsym) '(#\ #\\ #\/ #\ ))

Maybe the first and last characters want to be #\Space. Just guessing.
Maybe it's simpler and clearer to write

  (setf (...) (coerce " /\ " 'list))
  (setf (...) (coerce " \/ " 'list))



Robert Dodier

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