Dear list,
If I try to calculate the inverse_fft of an Array using the fft package I sometimes arrive at the following error message:
 Error in MACSYMA-TOP-LEVEL [or a callee]: ((MTIMES SIMP)
                                            ((%COS SIMP)
                                             ((MTIMES SIMP) 1.0 $%PI))) is not of type (OR
Strangely enough if I print out the Array and paste it into another maxima instance the inverse fft Returns an Array instead. So I'm still fighting to produce a reproducible example.
I think the error is on my side but do not seem to find it. Does anybody have an idea where to look to find it?
thanks a lot,
and Kind regards,
build_info(version="5.31.2",timestamp="2013-10-07 23:05:06",host="i686-pc-mingw32",lisp_name="GNU Common Lisp (GCL)",lisp_version="GCL 2.6.8")