#382 zeroa handled inconsistently

Lisp Core (471)

zeroa (zero+infinitesimal) and zerob (zero-infinitesimal)
are not documented, but they are $-symbols, and thus
available to the user.

They should either be documented, or made into internal
symbols. If they are documented, they need to be
better supported.

Most parts of Maxima don't know about zeroa on input,
and as far as I know, no part of Maxima uses zeroa for
user output (but see bug 774065), so I would suggest
making them internal. The symbols zeroa and zerob
(without dollarsign) are currently used only in defint.lisp
(ask-greateq), and that appears to be a bug.


  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-07-08
    • labels: --> Lisp Core
  • Dieter Kaiser

    Dieter Kaiser - 2009-11-06
    • status: open --> closed
  • Dieter Kaiser

    Dieter Kaiser - 2009-11-06

    The handling of expressions has been improved over the time. limit simplifies expressions which contain infinitesimals. The bug ID: 774065 has been fixed. Documentation has been added in Constants.texi revision 1.23.
    Closing this bug report as fixed.
    Dieter Kaiser


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