#358 expand dot expr -> fatal error/FIX


expand((vt . a^^(-1) . u+1)^^(-2))

causes a stack overflow (sometimes crashing Maxima
entirely) ... infinite recursion in simpncexpt


  • Stavros Macrakis

    Logged In: YES

    Simpler case: (a + 1)^^(-1) . (a + 1)^^(-1), expon:2;

    The problem is that simpnct and simpncexpt are passing the
    buck to each other in cases like this. Simpncexpt correctly
    expands (a+1)^^3 as (a+1).(a+1)^^2, letting simpnct take
    care of the expansion, which it does. But it also tries to
    expand (a+1)^^(-3) as (a+1)^^-1 . (a+1)^^-2, but simpnct
    doesn't recognize that case.

    Another, less dramatic, bug: expand(a^^-1 . (b+c)^^-1)
    does not expand at all.

    Note that there's no way to combine the parts within the
    powers without expanding out the powers -- same problem
    with commutative multiplication. That is, how do I simplify
    a^n * (1+1/a)^n => (a * (1+1/a))^n => (a+1)^n , or to get
    a little fancier, (1/a+1)^(n+k)*a^(n+m) => a^(m-k)*(a+1)^
    (n+k). Radcan will do it, but at the cost of losing control
    over the simplification. Perhaps some variant of multthru is
    needed, or a new powerscontract.

  • Stavros Macrakis

    Logged In: YES

    Here is a fix. Note that this does NOT solve the general
    problem of expanding .-expressions. For example, it does not
    expand a . (a + 1)^^-1 to a^^-1 + 1. But I wanted to get
    the fatal error fixed first. Also, it is not clear that Expand
    gives you enough fine control to do that sort of thing

    ----- Fix in simpncexpt

    ;; This does the same thing as above for (A+B)^^(-2)
    ;; and (A.B)^^(-2).

    ((and (or (mplusp factor)
    (and (not $dotexptsimp) (mnctimesp factor)))
    (fixnump power)
    (not (greaterp (minus power) $expon))
    (< power -1))
    (let (($expop $expon))
    (ncpower (ncpower factor (- power)) -1)))

  • Stavros Macrakis

    • summary: expand dot expr -> fatal error --> expand dot expr -> fatal error/FIX
  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-09-09
    • milestone: --> Includes_proposed_fix
  • Barton Willis

    Barton Willis - 2007-01-31
    • status: open --> closed
  • Barton Willis

    Barton Willis - 2007-01-31

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Suggested fixed applied (mdot.lisp CVS r 1.4_; also appended new regression
    test (rtest_dot.mac).


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