#2753 patch: Add adaptive plotting to documentation of nticks


nticks no more describes the number of points used in parametric plot functions but the minimum number of points used. The details are described in the following thread in the mailing list:

Attached now you'll find the patches that update the documentation accordingly.

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  • Jaime E. Villate

    • labels: --> plotting, documentation
    • assigned_to: Jaime E. Villate
    • Group: None --> Includes_proposed_fix
  • Jaime E. Villate

    • assigned_to: Jaime E. Villate --> Raymond Toy
  • Gunter Königsmann

    This third patch replaces the last example that didn't work with adaptive plot (the one converting the ellipse by a polygon by reducing nticks) by a more sensible one.

  • Raymond Toy

    Raymond Toy - 2014-06-11

    Thanks for the patches. I can't apply them directly because there are a few minor errors. nticks is the initial number of sample points. Adaptive plotting will split each of the nticks intervals in half upto adapt_depth times.

    However, I will use your patches as the basis of for the updated documentation.

    Also, not sure about using wxdraw2d. wxdraw doesn't come with maxima, but draw does, so maybe it should be left out or changed to just use draw.


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