#2731 strange behavior of ode


I've noticed somewhat strange behavior of ode command in the newest version of Maxima.
When solving radioactive family equations (file attached) Maxima keeps asking me about relations of lambda parameters.
The older version (Maxima 5.28.0-2, wxMaxima 12.04.0) asks me once for every combination of lambdas, i.e. twice for the third member of the family, three times for the fourth member and four times for the fifth member.
The new version (5.31.2, wxMaxima 13.04.2) keeps repeating the same questions. For the 3rd member, there are 2 questions asked 1-3 times (three last questions are identical). In the case of the 4th member I get 3 questions repeated 2-6-12 times, and in the case of the 5th member there are 4 questions repeated 62-6-18-38 times.
The problem seems the same on three computers (one running Windows 7 32bit (Polish language version) and two running Windows 7 64bit (English and Polish versions)). I didn't count the repetitions on the 64bit machines, but it certainly was 'a lot'.
I have no idea what may be the cause of the problem, but for the time being I had to go back to the older version.
Best regards
Andrzej Brozi

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