#257 nolabels does not seem to work

Lisp Core (471)

GCL (GNU Common Lisp) Version(2.5.0) Sun Nov 17 15:58:09 CET 2002
Licensed under GNU Library General Public License
Contains Enhancements by W. Schelter
Maxima 5.9.0rc3 http://maxima.sourceforge.net
Distributed under the GNU Public License. See the file COPYING.
Dedicated to the memory of William Schelter.
This is a development version of Maxima. The function bug_report()
provides bug reporting information.
(C1) nolabels;

(C2) nolabels:true;

(C3) 1;

(D3) 1
(C4) d3;

(D4) 1
(C5) c3;

(D5) 1



  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2005-05-15

    Logged In: YES

    Here's what I have been able to determine about nolabels:

    When nolabels is true, input and output labels are generated
    but not appended to labels, the list of all input and output
    labels. kill (labels) kills the labels on the labels list,
    but does not kill any labels generated since nolabels was
    assigned true.

    The stated rationale for nolabels (in the pre 5.9.2 docs) is
    to save memory by not binding labels. We could either (1)
    fix the current behavior -- search for instances of
    makelabel and put in a test to prevent binding the label
    when $nolabels is true; I guess this will interfere with the
    display code. Or (2) just drop the nolabels stuff. One can
    always do kill(labels) to free up memory.

  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-04-05
    • status: open --> closed
  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-04-05

    Logged In: YES

    The nolabels code was fixed somewhere between 5.9.2 and
    5.9.3; nolabels:true now has the expected behavior.


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