#2539 Maxima won't run when there are spaces in the directory name



I have a computer that runs under Windows 8 and I tried to install Maxima (version 5.28) in it. When I trid to run Maxima, I got this looooooong error message:

not supported dirname
while executing
"error [concat [mc "not supported"] "[lindex $res 0]"]"
(procedure "getURL" line 86)
invoked from within
"getURL $new contentType mimeheader $post"
(procedure "OpenMathOpenUrl" line 67)
invoked from within
"OpenMathOpenUrl $maxima_priv(firstUrl) -toplevel .browser"

and so on, and so on. Then Gunter Koenigsmann suggested that the directory Maxima was installed in might contain characters that aren't plain 7-bit ascii. Well, the directory is called "Program Files (x86)" and so I decided to install Maxima in the directory "Program Files", but I had the same problem. Finally, I tried a directory called "temp" (?!) and it worked.

BTW, I have Maxima installed in another machine in a directory called "Program Files" and it works fine.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos


  • Rupert Swarbrick

    A guess: Could it be something to do with the parentheses in the name?

    I think you're trying to run xmaxima, right? The error is coming from a switch statement in interfaces/xmaxima/Tkmaxima/Browser.tcl around line 560 or so. I'm not really sure how to test it here, and I don't know much about TCL, but as I understand it the function is looking to see whether its argument is an http object (I think it must be resolved from a URL earlier) or a file. What's happening here is that it's getting the name of a directory and dying horribly.

    Looking at the other code in the file and copying, maybe you could try putting something like

    puts "$resolved $type $mimeheader $post"

    At the top of the function. This should print out the stuff getURL gets called with and might give us more of an idea of what's going on?

  • Rupert Swarbrick

    • labels: --> windows, xmaxima
  • Jaime E. Villate

    • status: open --> accepted
    • assigned_to: Jaime E. Villate
  • Jaime E. Villate

    It has been fixed in the repository (commit [00066f]). A new Windows binary file with this fix should appear within the next few days in the website.



    Commit: [00066f]

  • Jaime E. Villate

    • status: accepted --> closed

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