#2031 Operator ' does not work with integrate?


%i1 'integrate(x^3+3,x,1,5);
%o1 168;

I think it shouldn't evaluate the integral. Am I wrong?


  • Emilio Suarez

    Emilio Suarez - 2010-07-13

    Well, I test it's a conflict with the "abs_integrate.mac" package present in my maxima-init-mac. Sorry.

  • Barton Willis

    Barton Willis - 2010-07-13


    (%i4) load(abs_integrate)$

    (%i5) '(integrate(x^3+3,x,1,5));
    (%o5) integrate(x^3+3,x,1,5)

    I'll see if I can make abs_integrate respect the quote...

  • Emilio Suarez

    Emilio Suarez - 2010-07-14

    Then perhaps is due to the brackets at the begining and end of the integrate. Without loading abs_integrate, it works without this brackets, but loading this package it doesn't.
    Tkanks you very much

  • Dieter Kaiser

    Dieter Kaiser - 2010-08-22

    Setting the resolution back to none. The bug is still present in Maxima 5.22post.
    Dieter Kaiser

  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2010-11-28

    Assign category = Share Libraries, since this is a bug in abs_integrate, not integrate.

  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2010-11-28
    • labels: --> Share Libraries
  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2015-12-16
    • labels: Share Libraries --> Share Libraries, abs_integrate
    • Group: --> None
  • Barton Willis

    Barton Willis - 2015-12-17

    Due to the way abs_integrate works (tellsimpafter), there is no simple fix to the bug. Once an integral is handed off to abs_integrate, the code has no way of knowning that the expression started as a nounform. A fix would, I think, require puting a hook into the main integration evaluation code that would try additional methods. Maybe that would be a good feature for Maxima...

    (%i8) load(abs_integrate)$
    (%i9)  'integrate(x^3+3,x,1,5);
    (%o9) 168

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