#1657 realonly in algsys.lisp


The option variable realonly is quite confusing since it does not find
real solutions, but only solutions which are free of %i (purely using

For example, when realonly is false,

algsys ([x^4 + 1], [x]);


[[x = (-1)^(1/4)], [x = -(-1)^(1/4)*%i],
[x = -(-1)^(1/4)], [x = (-1)^(1/4)*%i]]

But when realonly is true, it returns

[[x = (-1)^(1/4)], [x = -(-1)^(1/4)]]

while it is natural to expect [].

Maybe it is better to modify the behavior and filter roots by
checking something like

is_real(x) := is(trigsimp(imagpart(x)) = 0);

and not just

freeof(%i, x)

With the freeof approach we may also omit real roots of irreducible

sol : map ('rhs, solve (3*x^3 - 3*x + 1));

map (lambda([x], freeof(%i, x)), sol);

map ('is_real, sol);

So when realonly and algexact are set to true,

algsys ([3*x^3 - 3*x + 1], [x])

just returns [].


  • Volker van Nek

    Volker van Nek - 2010-01-23

    Hi Alexey,

    yesterday I noticed this problem too and found your bug report.
    I think you are right, freeof(%i, x) is not a sufficient test to recognize non-zero imaginary parts.
    E.g. (-1)^(1/4) passes.

    So I wonder why you did not fix that problem. You suggested the right thing.
    It is one line in src/algsys.lisp to change:
    (defun realonly (rootsl)
    (cond ((null rootsl) nil)
    ;; ((freeof '$%i (car rootsl)) ;; problem
    ((equal 0 (sratsimp ($imagpart (car rootsl)))) ;; fix ?
    (nconc (list (car rootsl)) (realonly (cdr rootsl))))
    (t (realonly (cdr rootsl)))))

    This change passes the test suite. So I would commit this new line.
    Or do I overlook something? Why did you hesitate to commit?

    Volker van Nek

  • Volker van Nek

    Volker van Nek - 2010-03-27

    my recent cvs commit closes this report

    Volker van Nek

  • Volker van Nek

    Volker van Nek - 2010-03-27
    • status: open --> closed

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