#1516 tellsimp error


I tried to create rules on integrate as follows and get an error when I try to use them.

(%i1) outchar:o;
(o1) o
(%i2) matchdeclare(aa, constantp, bb, constantp, xx, symbolp)$
(%i3) simp:false;
(o3) false
(%i4) tellsimp('integrate(unit_step(aa*xx+bb),xx),(aa*xx+bb)*unit_step(aa*xx+bb)/aa)$
bb+xx*aa partitions `sum'
aa*xx partitions `product'
xx*aa Will be matched uniquely since sub-parts would otherwise be ambigious.
(%i5) simp:true;
(o5) true
(%i6) integrate(unit_step(4*y+41),y);
Improper value assignment:
-- an error. To debug this try debugmode(true);


  • Rich Hennessy

    Rich Hennessy - 2008-10-26


  • Dieter Kaiser

    Dieter Kaiser - 2009-11-22
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  • Dieter Kaiser

    Dieter Kaiser - 2009-11-22

    I have tried the above example in a fresh Maxima, but can not reproduce the bug (Maxima 5.19post):

    A fresh Maxima, we have no rules. First we do not switch off simplification:

    (%i1) rules;
    (%o1) []

    (%i2) machtdeclare(aa,constantp,bb,constantp,xx,symbolp);
    (%o2) machtdeclare(aa,constantp,bb,constantp,xx,symbolp)

    (%i3) tellsimp('integrate(unit_step(aa*xx+bb),xx),(aa*xx+bb)*unit_step(aa*xx+bb)/aa);
    (%o3) [integraterule2,?simpinteg]

    Maxima gets a noun form, but not an error:

    (%i4) integrate(unit_step(4*y+41),y);
    (%o4) 'integrate(unit_step(4*y+41),y)

    Again with simplification switched off, when defining the rule:

    (%i5) kill(all);
    (%o0) done

    (%i1) machtdeclare(aa,constantp,bb,constantp,xx,symbolp);(%o1) machtdeclare(aa,constantp,bb,constantp,xx,symbolp)

    (%i2) simp:false;
    (%o2) false

    (%i3) tellsimp('integrate(unit_step(aa*xx+bb),xx),(aa*xx+bb)*unit_step(aa*xx+bb)/aa);
    (%o3) [integraterule3,?simpinteg]

    (%i4) simp:true;
    (%o4) true

    Again a noun form and not an error:

    (%i5) integrate(unit_step(4*y+41),y);
    (%o5) 'integrate(unit_step(4*y+41),y)

    I do not know if something has changed. In a fresh Maxima session the error seems not to be present.

    Setting this bug report to pending and the status to "works for me".

    Dieter Kaiser

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