#1010 Error in startup script: can't read "prefix": no such variab


I'm on Linux (Slackware 11.0) and trying to run the cvs
version of maxima. Console maxima works fine, but
xmaxima seems to be confused.

Here is the full error I currently get.

Error Information:
An exit code of 1 was returned from xmaxima

Output Data:
There was no output

Error Logs:
Error in startup script: can't read "prefix":
no such variable
while executing
"set autoconf(datadir) "${prefix}/share""
(file "/usr/local/bin/xmaxima" line 15028)

I tried to install from cvs (for some reason, there is
no source available for the current release version,
only a bunch of rpms)


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I encountered a similar error with Maxima 5.10.0cvs compiled
    on Mac OSX Tiger (+Fink).

    The binary files were OK, but info files were not installed
    properly. Fore this reason, when I typed describe and
    demonstrate commands, maxima gave me a reply like this: "
    ... was not found at /$prefix/share/info."

    I explicitely set the following options besides prefix for
    the configure script, reinstalled maxima, and now the above
    mentioned commands work perfectly.

    Hope this helps.

  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-12-27
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    • labels: 460521 --> Installation
  • Robert Dodier

    Robert Dodier - 2006-12-27

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    make + make install from CVS works OK on the Fedora 1 and 2 systems which I use. Maybe the initial "sh bootstrap" was omitted, or --prefix needs to be specified explicitly for ./configure. Whatever the problem it is impossible at this point to make any progress, as the original reporter did not leave contact info. Closing this report as "works for me".


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