#3 one-event EventStreams don't work


If there's only one event, sortAndMerge in
DataIndexer.java improperly fails to initialize several
variables, leading to a NullPointerException later. It
looks to me like the method should return (around line
97) if there are <1 events, not <= 1. Not sure what
happens with zero events though.



  • Thomas Morton

    Thomas Morton - 2004-01-30
    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Thomas Morton

    Thomas Morton - 2004-01-30

    Logged In: YES

    You probably realized this but I feel inclined to say this
    if I'm going to close the bug. Having zero or one event
    violates a number of assumtions of model building. Since we
    assume the outcomes of the classifier are created from the
    event stream, it doesn't make sense to have an event stream
    only with 0 or 1 event. In the later case then you only
    have a single outcome so you're not really making a
    distinction, in the prior you have no outcomes so you're not
    even asking a question. Based on that the <= 1 seems like
    the right thing in sort and merge (all event list of size <=
    are inheriently sorted and merged). Perhaps the code should
    fail more gracefully but I don't see this as worth fixing.


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