#2 Templated sites, Transfer Object commands



first we have to say: great work.

But we miss some things:
- How do we call template oriented websites that are build
via url path extensions (this is with asp.net working fine):
for example
sets ?

- How did your commands can be switched to
webServiced/.NET remoted/local commands ?? Our
customers are mixed with them !

- How do u plant in aspect oriented services like digest
authentication single sign on and so on ?

We think that a framework only for MVC is too much to
learn for the improvements ! ASP.NET is not J2EE !
- In ASP.NET you have a event based layer in J2EE u must
implement a MVC that is event based.
- In ASP.NET you have code behind that can do command
logik (we use code behind to get
ResponseTransferObject/RequestTransferObject that call
Business Facades to get Command logik (via WebService,
via .NET remoting or local)
- Why dispatch so hard if you could load xml dispatching
into DataSets (so u can visualize them and you can
update/insert new rules easily if you use xml-Schemas for
that) ?

You will see in practice that mvc overhead in a framework
will not be so useful like in j2ee cause most like event driven
systems are built in. You lose much flexibility with this
solution :-( MVC is not always classic or jsp model 2 MVC !

We developed in struts an barracude mvc's - that was nice
and hard :-) now we develop .NET frameworks that
developers can use things like CAPICOM, WSE and so on
in an MVC manner. But to built up a MVC system as a
single Framework does not only do the felxibility (today you
have to calculate the return on investment than to calculate
the flexibility !!!).

OK, but like we said: good work so far - hope we could give
you some other hints

Greetings from dotNetSol NY


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Sure, that is true. We have the same situation like you described
    here. MVC frameworks bring us more work than happyness
    in .NET. Our customers like a fast ROI :-)

    We implement MVC via code behind, events and TransferObjects
    with Business Facades like you described. That is very flaxible
    and fast to develop !

    Dr. Rem Beck - germany (IBM)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    What are you talking about is okey
    but when you start implementing it sooner or later you will get
    to something like maverick


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