On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 3:42 AM, Matthias Michler <MatthiasMichler@gmx.net> wrote:
Hi Gökhan,

Just to make one point clear to me. Do you agree that the following is the
expected behavior of your suggestion to use
event.inaxes.grid(which='minormajor') after 'g'?

If only the major tick grid lines are shown and the user presses 'g' the major
tick lines are removed and the minor tick lines are shown, because calling
Axes.grid with the default b=None toggles the state of plotting grid lines.
Here this means that the minor tick grid lines are switched from being not
shown to being shown and the major tick lines change vice versa.

If you agree that this is the expected behavior of your suggestion, do you
think this is a useful behavior?

Kind regards,

Hi again,

With grid state initially off I could get what I really wanted with "g" toggling after setting in backend_bases.py event.inaxes.grid(which='majorminor)

It does exactly what it supposed to do -toggle visible grids. See my figure for a clearer description: http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/1464/gridimage.png

The top-left figure has major-minor grids enabled in log-log view. This creates not a pretty image --neither on screen nor when I save the image as png or pdf. Top-right is clear since it is spaced linearly. The last figure I toggled with "g" key. It was originally like the first figure on the screen. I realize also that grid accept alpha keyword, however I couldn't get a satisfying result out of that either. For the time being I will go with full-off grids for my step plots.

With this said, I still think event.inaxes.grid(which='majorminor) should be checked-in since it is the right behavior for full grid toggling. That's what toggling is about right? Either all or none --we don't want gray areas.