"\\"  works for titles and label, but not for DateFormatter, but \vspace did the trick!

Thanks again for the help.

ps: I'm new to python, but maybe there is a way to mix Latex and unicode?

> as latex as well.

Yes, all strings are processed by LaTeX.

> However, escaping the \ with another \ did not worked.
> I tried:
> majorF = DateFormatter("\\n \\n %b")
> How should I escape the \n ?

In theory, "\\n \\n %b" or r"\n \n %b", however only the former
seems to work in my computer.

There's another problem: \n is not a valid LaTeX command.
I tried with \\ and with \newline but neither appear to work.
\vspace{10pts} does insert whitespace, however I am not sure if
it's the proper way of doing it...


> > majorF = DateFormatter("\n \n %b") # problem
> >                          ^^  ^^
> > A common mistake.
> > You forgot to escape the "\" characters.
> >
> > Bye.
> >
> > Ernest
>  Thanks Ernest, I had no idea that the DateFormatter was going to be treated